Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

So many amazing things have happened over the past few weeks. Life has been crazy busy and it seems like it all happened so fast.

FIRST OFF! My best friend got married!!! EEK how exciting. Amber and Brian and a handful of helpers pulled together an amazing wedding in such a short time. And after 8 weeks of planning, we had a rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, final sleepover, and a wedding - all in 4 short days! <3

Amber and Brian's wedding was Sunday, June 3rd. On Wednesday, June 6th, at 4:00am, we headed in the car to travel to the OBX for Steph and Howie's wedding. We got to the house before noon. THIS IS WHAT WE ARRIVED TO:

I feel like the best way to describe this place is...WTF. From the absurd amount of bedrooms, to the ridiculous amount of bathrooms, to the fact that there was always beer on tap, and always someone partying....the place, the vacation, and the wedding was out of this world.

So we got to spend some time at the beach. Camden loved to throw the sand...and hearing the waves crash made him cry. I'm still not sure what his final verdict was.

Don't worry, Jeremy and I are not pregnant in this picture. It is the wind blowing our shirts. And yes, that is a beer in my hand. There was one in my hand the whole time we were there. It was my vacation.....sue me. 

Cousin love!

Camden LOVED the pool. I could post picture after picture of him swimming. I'll save the pool pictures for his birthday party this weekend...I'm sure there will be plenty from that. 

Camden woke up on wedding day and it was his birthday! Aunt Angie and Uncle Tom got him CAPS hockey sticks so he can work on his skills and a CAPS floppy sun hat. THANKS!!


Cutest ring bearer EVER

Here comes the bride <3


Birthday cake time! Which, he did not like, by the way. Hoping that he likes his cake the second time around

"It's my birthday....I do what I want" ....Like walk through the dance floor while the best man is giving his speech. Go 'head Camden. Do your thing!


Saturday we celebrate his birthday with the Floyd's and our friends. Can't believe Camden is 1 already! Time really does fly when you're having fun...having fun with the best TODDLER in the world. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy!