Sunday, February 16, 2014

Food. Food. And more FOOD

I learned a lot about myself on Thursday while the snow was so beautifully falling; when I'm stuck in the house....ALL I think about is food. In the morning while I was eating breakfast I was wondering what I was going to eat when I was done. While I was eating my after breakfast snack, I was thinking about what I was going to eat for lunch. I used the tactic of shoveling snow to distract my thoughts of food, and it worked, at least until I came in to eat lunch.

Because I can't get food off of the brain, I'll use this time to talk about what I've been making/eating.

I've worked out a food and dinner schedule that hopefully makes my life a little easier. I'm not much of a cook and I don't really know what works well together, so I'm working on trying some new and easy recipes. I'll be posting a few links to the recipes I recently tried.

I'm officially making Monday, "Crockpot Monday". I'll do a little food prepping Sunday night to just be able to throw some things into the crockpot Monday morning and go. I hardly have any time between work and bootcamp to get anything together SO a crockpot meal is PERFECT. Plus, it's ready when I get home from work and can have a quick bite or two before heading off to kick some butt.

Last Monday was Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Turkey Chili  It was QUITE delicious. I cut the sweet potatoes and cooked the turkey Sunday night and threw everything in Monday morning before heading off into work. Quick, simple and delicious. It was also quite enjoyable as leftovers...especially nice and warm today after shoveling!

Part of the reason why I don't like cooking is because I dislike the cleanup process. So...I food prepped on Sunday and cleaned up on Monday.

I also made a large salad that could be eaten with dinner meals or taken with lunch. It actually ended up lasting us a week and saved us a bunch of time in the evenings and helped us eat our veggies :)

I also have been doing some serious meal packing as to keep me on track when I'm in the office. (don't worry....that's not actually a container filled with's homemade salad dressing!)

Um. BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Quite possible my absolute favorite. I could eat them cold, steamed or with seasoning. It doesn't matter....just get in my belly!! Anyway, I found this little seasoning package and it was amazingly delicious. The only problem is that I ate them all and wanted more. <3

I also made some protein muffins that I was going to give to all of my bootcampers for a little Valentine's treat. They never got to enjoy them because of that silly snow. SOOO I ate them all while stuck in the house. ;) They were really good warm out of the oven, they were good nuked in the microwave, and not so good a few days post muffin making day. Camden helped make these....his favorite was putting on the chocolate chips

Did some food planning and shopping this weekend....more ideas and recipes to come! Enjoy <3