Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, hello! It's been waaaay too long and I've gotten out of my routine of blog writing. Looks like I need to get back into it. So many exciting things are happening and Camden is literally growing right before our eyes.

Let's start by chatting a little bit about Camden's bedtime routine....
If you want to ensure you see a Happy Camden in the morning, here's what you do.

(1) Most often you are playing cars or trains or hockey. Give him a solid 5 minute countdown and he's pretty good at putting toys away when asked. Of course we are getting into the "terrible two's" some days are better than others.

(2) Once upstairs: pajamas, milk and brushing teeth. In. That. Order. You try to get him to brush his teeth and he doesn't have his hands on his milk...forget it. He reacts like he just got bitten by a shark.

(3) Time for books. I always read him three. Sometimes daddy only reads him two. Sometimes he asks me to read the first book twice (I'll do anything for an extra few minutes of cuddle time)

(4) Books are done. Noise maker on. Lights off. "Rock me like a baby" is what Camden requests. This is my absolute favorite time.

(5) Song time. While we rock in the rocking chair it's time to sing. Camden likes to sing along. One day, about a month ago Camden threw me for a loop and asked me to sing the "baby song". A normal person would have probably started singing, Rock a bye Baby. I, on the other hand, start singing...."Baby Beluga..." from Full House. Except I don't know ANY of the words. So I sing the words, baby beluga over and OVER and OVER again. Guess who loves it??? Camden. Guess who makes me sing it EVERY night? Camden. In case you are not familiar with the song....please enjoy the video below.

....(5) Baby Beluga, Jesus Loves Me (which I also don't know all of the words to so Camden hums along in the middle with me), Twinkle Twinkle and then Happy Birthday. Yes we also sing Happy Birthday every night. In fact, we sing it three times. He normally sings Happy Birthday to mommy, daddy and then Chloe. We have Aunt Angie to thank for the happy birthday bedtime routine <3

(6) Kiss and  bed. "Good night. See you soon. Love you. Good bye."

If you master those solid 6 steps you will have a happy Camden in the morning. <3

I'm still trying to get Jeremy to "Rock me like a baby" before I go to bed. I haven't mastered that yet....