Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Weeks!

So yesterday I hit the 30 week mark. Only 10 more weeks to go!!! I do have a feeling that the timing is a little off and we will be looking at a May baby. We obviously wont know until that moment comes, but there are a lot of fun people to share birthdays with in May!

It has been a busy past week for us. I went to a baby shower at a country club on Sunday in Hagertown. Open bar and a 3 course this what I should expect at MY shower???? ;-) Speaking of shower, I was so overwhelmed for my friend at her shower. SO MUCH STUFF! Where is she going to put it all? Better question, where am I going to put it all when it's my turn?!

I signed up to run the Baltimore Half Marathon in October. Eek! My first half marathon and it's going to be post-baby. I had thought signing up for this a few months ago, but never did. I had a friend contact me who I used to work out with who brought it up. I thought to myself, WHY NOT. I know I wont sign up later, and if I didn't sign up now, I never would. Sooo, what do I have to lose?? 

I zumba'd again last night. It was fun and silly. If you haven't tried it, I suggest doing so at least once in your life.

I NOW HAVE A TV IN MY KITCHEN! Oh, I'm so excited. Ever since we took the TV out of our upstairs living room, my dinner makings have been so quiet and boring to the point where I dread making dinner. I am hoping this helps me spend more time in the kitchen since I want to learn to cook for this baby! If there was one thing that stood out to me growing up, it was the amazing dinners my mother always made and the family time we spent around the dinner table. I want to be able to provide the same thing! Am I nuts to think that this 13" TV is going to provide that for me??

Saturday night/Sunday morning we leave for Georgia to visit the in-laws. I AM EXCITED AND READY FOR A VACATION! Bring it on.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I could save your life

I just spent my early evening in a CPR certification class. I now know how to save your life - and I will!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well I guess this is growing up.

So we had a minor flooding incident involving our downstairs living room. Nothing serious but enough to be a pain in the butt! It ruined my morning workout routine, our TV watching habits, and messed up my laying on the couch time. BUT what it did do is force us to be pro-active around the house. I feel as though I have gotten more accomplished over the past week (in regards to the house) than I have in the first 6 months of this pregnancy.

Now that our living room is back to normal and our lives are back to the way they were, I have decided that I don't like sitting down and just watching TV. It makes me feel lazy. I think of all the things I could be doing with my time. If I'm going to be laying on the couch watching TV I might as well be laying in bed going to sleep - I know I wont be getting much of that in a few months. I have decided that from now on my evenings won't be spent in front of the TV, but instead, doing something that makes me feel accomplished.

So tonight I'll be sitting back in our newly finished guest room/office and picking up my study materials that have been sitting downstairs for the past few weeks collecting dust (after I finish this blog post of course) My goal is to be ACE certified in personal training before having this baby. A goal that now seems a little out of reach - but I'm still working! And hey, with this new "no lazy TV" goal - I may be able to get more accomplished than I think :)

My new study area

My study materials and a cup of decaf from the Keurig :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy little bees

Some pictures to show what Jeremy was busy doing this weekend :)
Things are starting to come together - getting ready for Baby Floyd!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Dance

So tonight was my first Zumba experience, and it was just that, an experience. If I learned anything from the class it was that I'm not as coordinated as I thought I was (I'll blame that on the pregnancy)  :)  Regardless, it was fun and it felt good to dance it out.

28 weeks and a full bladder....eeek!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here goes nothing!

I wanted to start writing about my pregnancy when we first found out I was pregnant, but that never happened. I was too lazy to start writing in a journal and never even thought about starting a blog. 28 weeks later I am inspired to start blogging thanks to my Aunt Cindy.

I'm saying hello to my third trimester and, from what I've read, goodbye to the energy I've had for the past three months. Today Jeremy asked me if I had started "waddling" yet.....

Hey little guy!!! <3