Friday, August 3, 2012

Take your Camden to Work, day

Tuesday was Take your Camden to Work day. We went to API first to say hi to all of our friends. Had some snacks with Aunt Stephie. YUM.

Then we had lunch with daddy and got to play at his office.

Finally we went to mommy's work where we like to run around and play!

Camden has been really funny lately. He is becoming chattier, even though it is hard to understand him. It is also fun to give him little tasks to do. "Camden, go get mommy's shoes from the other room", "Help daddy put the toys away", "Help mommy shut the door", "Throw away the trash, please". I will say he probably does things that we ask with 90% accuracy. He is too freakin' smart!

He has started really feeding himself and he LOVES to eat. Give the boy a spoon and be prepared to clean up a mess! Good thing he is totally adorable.


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