Sunday, January 5, 2014

Body Pump....You Up

I'm not a big fan of making New Years Resolutions. I understand that realistically, most people do not go through with their Resolutions....or, they make it through a few weeks, then they start to fall back and eventually they "fail"

No one likes to fail. Most people don't go into something with the thought of failure. The intention is genuine and sincere, but things get in the way.....LIFE get's in the way. I've got news for you guys, THAT'S OKAY! That's life. Things aren't always going to go the way we had planned, that would be too easy, and honestly, easy isn't always fun.

On vacation I worked out. I pushed myself through some workouts I would never have done back at home. I ran. BUT I also ate like crap. Why?? Because it was there and it was easy. BUT GUESS WHAT? That's not stopping me from what's happening now. It's never too late to get back into the game. You didn't make it to the gym on the 1st of January? Who cares?? GO NOW. Resolution schmesolution. Every day is an opportunity to do something great.

For 2014 I want to have some new experiences. What exactly does that mean? I don't really know. I know that I want to do things I've never done before; things I never really thought about doing on my own. I want to do them with people who are passionate about what they do.

I love exercising and I'm extremely passionate about my boot camp class and those who put faith in me. Bootcamp, group classes, gym sessions, etc. aren't the only form of exercise. Some people play sports, some people dance, some people hike and some people do yoga. There isn't a correct or right "thing" to do. Anything that's exercise that you're doing is amazing. There's no ONE WAY. Do it all, but ENJOY it....because honestly, that makes all of the difference.

If you hate going to the gym, your resolution of hitting the gym every morning at 5 am is going to be awful....and you won't stick to it. FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE.

On Saturday I shared a fun moment with Missy Schaum. She has been talking for weeks about the Body Pump class she attends at Golds Gym on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She always put the bug in my ear about coming with her. FINALLY I had a weekend that worked and we hit the gym yesterday for the group class.

I didn't exactly know what to expect but I thought it was pretty cool. For those of you unfamiliar with Body Pump, you do about 800 total reps of different exercises. It's a total body workout. It's safe to say I was pushed past my comfort zone. It was a completely different style than what I was used to with working out. BUT it was awesome. There were about 30 other people in the room with me, all different fitness levels, who were there because they wanted to do something different. They wanted to be pushed.

Today my arms are the most sore. I love this feeling. I know I've done my body good.

Now it's your turn to decide for me. What's next? What is my next venture that will be taking me out of my comfort zone??


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  1. Lovin the new blog setup and energy from you :) I think inspiration from people like you is so much more of what people need than New Years resolutions that will soon be forgotten. Let's figure out a date to hot yoga at Charm City Yoga in SP with Kelly Boring...Wednesdays at 7pm