Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year....New Blog


A lot has happened since my last blog post months back. As most of you know, I was doing personal training at a private studio up until May of 2013. Schedule, money and a few personal reasons aided in my decision to leave EIF. At this time I was questioning if training was really for me. Was I just in over my head? I absolutely LOVED what I was doing....but something wasn't right. I wasn't doing it on MY terms and I didn't like that. 

I took a break from training for a few months. I'd have some people over to the house and go through some sessions here and there....nothing consistent. Something was missing. By the time I left EIF I was miserable. I had just gotten to a point where enough was enough. BUT after a few months of not training, I was having the same feeling. I was miserable training for someone else and I was miserable not training. What's a girl to do????

A friend of mine, Anna, suggested starting a local boot camp. It was June/July and the weather was just right. I really couldn't say no. Without much thinking and without much preparation of WHAT I was going to do and HOW....we had our first group session on the 4th of July. With a simple post from Anna on Facebook and a little word of mouth, I had about 13 people show up to that first session. Half of whom I knew, and the other half came from that one Facebook post.


Let's fast forward to right now. January 4th, 2014. Today marks exactly 6 months since the first session was held. We started as an outside group, bouncing around the Broadneck Peninsula, in search of parks, schools, and tracks that we could train at without being in the way of anyone else.

 We held classes under pavilions, on cement, on asphalt, and my favorite....under the stars with glow sticks.

We ran together

. We worked around mosquitoes, bats and the devilish screams of the early morning foxes. We've had some amazing times together and what's even more amazing is that you've all stuck with me through the uncertainty of what's going to happen next....and what happened next was so incredibly exciting!

In November 2013 we moved our outdoor boot camp indoors. I started renting space from a brand new studio that opened up in Severna Park. The wonderful owners opened their doors to me and these crazy boot campers of mine and we've been able to stay nice and warm indoors during this winter while having access to amazing equipment. We've been able to take our workouts to a completely different level. I've seen body types change, weight loss, and more importantly, I've seen some amazing people coming together with the same goal: bettering themselves.

All of these wonderful opportunities led me to start my own business. Bmore Vigorous Fitness Training. I have a serious passion for helping people. I understand how hard it can be to have the motivation to get yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself. That's what my goal is. Whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey, you've been in the game for a while, or you're getting back in the game...I want to help.

I originally started this blog a couple of years back while I was pregnant. If you scroll through some posts you can see just HOW pregnant I was :) I was just your average, soon-to-be-mom, with your average, soon-to-be-mom, life. For whatever reason, I felt the need to blog about my experiences. After a solid year and a half of blogging, I stopped. Life got in the way. Life with an almost two year old got in the way. (In a good way, of course) Today it hit me again, so here I am, writing. While I'm not going to stop writing about my son, I will be blogging more about things that are fitness/health related. I'm ready to take my blog and 2014 in a new direction. Join me on my journey, why don't ya!

See, I told you I wasn't done posting about my son. New bed! But still as handsome as ever!